You guys, this last year has been crazy.  Crazy good, crazy bad, crazy in between.  But I have something to tell you of the what-my-dreams-are-made-of variety.  I’m pretty sure that I am now Carrie Bradshaw — without all the shoes, hair, and boobs…and with a better face.  Duh.  I have even sorted my friends into Samanthas, Mirandas, and Charlottes.  (Are you now wondering which of my friends are slutty enough to be a Samantha?  I told her that it meant she was my “fun” friend, and she was definitely the first friend I sexted my butt to 😉 )  And Josh is Mr. Big, with much less commitment phobia, obvs.

You don’t know what any of that means?  Fair enough, Sex and the City haters.  (You really should give the show a watch, but skip the movies, k?)  What I’m saying is that I’ve got my VERY OWN NEWSPAPER COLUMN…in The Telegraph!!  Surprised?  Umm, me too!

Let me be the first to say that it is on a trial basis…and I’m not getting paid, but when the editor said that it could be good for my writing career, I thought, “My writing career?  I didn’t know I HAD a writing career!”  So yeah, I’m pretty pumped.

My first column should be in tomorrow’s paper, and as a little teaser I’ll just tell you that I mention which boob was always my favorite and why.  As I was writing it, I wasn’t even sure that I could say “boob” in the paper, but apparently, it’s cool.  Otherwise, I’d be screwed.  Since it’s my first, it’s just an overview of what I’ve been through and who I am, but you should still tune in. [Update: Here’s the link to the column!]

Also, Heathline is featuring me on their site tomorrow for winning the blog contest (Thank you, guys!!).  [Update: Here’s that link too!] The writer who interviewed me was delightful and just so much fun so I think it’ll be good.  He did ask, as everyone has lately, what I plan to do with my $1000, and the answer is that I don’t know yet.  First of all, I don’t have the money yet, but secondly, I’ve really just been having so much fun thinking of all the things I could do with it and discussing ridiculous ideas with my friends.  I mean, in truth, I’ll probably just pay some medical bills with it and sneak in a night away with Josh, if I’m lucky (and I never have any trouble getting lucky *wink wink*).  But what about if I:

  • let it all ride on black?  (That wouldn’t make anybody super mad, right?)
  • took all of my favorite girlfriends on a girls’ night out to see Taylor Swift (haters gonna hate!) in September?
  • got a new, fancy, blingy watch?
  • bought 2000 Jack-in-the-Box tacos and had the biggest (and greasiest) thank you party ever?
  • bought bigger boobs (prosthetics) so I finally had my “going out” pair?
  • [insert your ridiculous ideas here]?

I feel like I earned this money differently than I earn my work (ie. nursing career) money, and I feel like, since I had to get cancer to earn it, that it is okay if I spend it on a little more fun.  Really, it’s just so fun to have possibilities.  Like, the girls at work are taking a trip to Vegas in a week, and since I won this money, I was like, “Yeah, I could go too!  That would be so fun!” knowing that I wasn’t going to go.  But it’s so fun to think that I could if I really wanted to.

So yeah, things are good for me right now, and I really have you guys to thank.  Isn’t it crazy how your life can be torn completely apart and then rebuilt in a better way than you could have imagined?


14 comments on “Interrupting your regularly scheduled program to let you know that I have become Carrie Bradshaw.”

  1. What awesome news! Looking forward to reading. I’m a grandma raising a teen and a toddler and your blog is a highlight in my life. Have been and will be praying for you!

  2. So excited for you Heather. It is always a pleasure to read what you write. Often poignant and always humorous. You have definitely shown grace thru your struggle.

  3. Heather,
    Congrats on new column!
    Congrats on blog contest win! Spend some of that money on doing something fun! You deserve it and have definitely earned it!
    I really enjoy your posts. Keep up the good and humerous but real writing. It’s aareal!

  4. Look at you! A columnist for The Telegraph. I am so proud of you. Your blog rocks! I like where you’re going with this whole taco party.It’s making me hungry right now What about having a party at the farm and inviting the Hansons to play…

  5. You should come with my friend and I on our crazy Missouri Kitschy Tourist Trap road trip. 4 days and too many bad roadside attractions to count over 1400 miles! Walt Disney’s home town, Billy the Kid’s burial basket, Robert Wadlow’s shoe, a Bonnie abd Clyde shoot out site, large ball of string! Way less than a grand so you’ll have plenty to spare for Vegas! Lol

  6. Hi Heather, I just wanted to leave a comment because your blog speaks to me so much, and literally echoes all of my thoughts on breast cancer as well. I am 33, and I was diagnosed with stage 1 IDC the day before my 31st birthday. Though I don’t have kids, I feel we had a very similar experience! I, too, HATED my short hair, despite everyone else around me loving it. To me, I looked like Justin Bieber. I had a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation, and I worked as an RN through it all, as well as planned my wedding – I had a little mohawk by my wedding day. Anyway, I’m happy to report that I now officially have a long bob (after many awkward growing-out stages – don’t be afraid to trim and shape your hair as it grows), so you too will make it here one day soon. I have to admit, I do miss those 3 minute showers! Well, I just wanted to say Hi from Toronto, Ontario, and give you my best. I wish I had a blog to share with you, but I’m no writer 🙂

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